First Impressions

Hello from American Samoa! After a LONG 2 days of travel our group of 10 arrived at the Pago Pago airport around 9:20 last night to a very warm welcome! It was dark when we landed so the island was still a mystery to us until today. I thought the school we are staying at for orientation was tucked back from the shore in a more industrial area, but I was so wrong. I woke up around 4:30 this morning and ventured outside shortly after and was overwhelmed by the beauty of the sun rising over my new home! The classrooms we are staying in at Nu’uuli PolyTech High School overlook the ocean and mountains. It really is such a beautiful place!


After a few ice breakers and breakfast we ventured out for an island tour on an aigi bus. The bus experience itself is totally awesome. They are wooden buses built on what seems to be the front ends of Ford trucks. They drive the island with a unique combination of music blasting and the windows down. If the Backstreet Boys or Celine Dion are reading – you are still very popular with the aigi bus drivers in American Samoa lol!


We rounded out the day with a few more information sessions and they walked down the road to get dinner at a local shop. It started raining on the way, but people here don’t seem fazed by it. They continue on with their day so we did the same. 10 wet Americans wandering down the streets of Nu’uuli was a site for the Samoans but we got some delicious local food and a nice walk!


I wanted to attach photos to the post, but wordpress isn’t cooperating… I put up a separate post with a few photos so check them out! I’m going to work on getting photos into my posts for next time.


To get wifi I have to sit on the ground in front of the school office. It’s currently dark and I am getting eaten alive by bugs so this is all for tonight. I apologize for any spelling/grammatical area in my posts, but I want to experience all there is to see/do here not proof-read :)

6 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. You are going to learn so much and make so many memories………enjoy the entire experience because it is going to go by slowly AND quickly!!

  2. Sounds like you’re having fun!! I’ll share with G&G:) Try not to get eaten alive by the bugs….we’ll send repellent!

  3. You must be alright, then! You definitely wrote this post. I can tell from that last paragraph. Therefore, try not to get eaten by bugs, and have fun!

  4. I was SO EXCITED to see 5 notification emails in my inbox this morning about your blog!! It looks beautiful! It took me almost 2 weeks to get adjusted to the time change and everything and wake up/fall asleep at a normal hour so hopefully those 4am mornings will not last too long! But you got to see the sunrise on the mountains/beach so I’d say it was worth it haha I also had a lot of trouble with photos on WordPress which is why I used Snapfish for pictures. Have fun and keep blogging but focus on the fun :)

  5. Hi Jackie! I am SO GLAD to hear from you…it’s only been a couple of days, but it seems like weeks. I knew you would find Internet. It looks beautiful there- I will keep looking at the pictures and imagine what it would be like to be there. Sorry to hear about the cold showers…you can continue to take those when you get home. :)
    Love you and miss you! Daddy

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