Airport Beach

Practicum ended at 11:30 today and our afternoon session was canceled leaving us an entire afternoon free, so 7 of us grabbed a quick lunch and set out to find Airport Beach. We had heard a lot about it but no one ever had clear directions for how to get there. After making a few wrong turns, stopping for directions, and catching a ride with a very nice Samoan we found the path that leads to the beach. It’s called Airport Beach because it is literally right next to the runway. You pick your way down the coast for sometime before being pushed inland a bit. You then follow a narrow path along a barbed wire fence along the edge of the runway. It’s a long humid walk but so worth it. The water has been really rough here the past week or so, but one of the perks of Airport Beach is that is totally protected from the waves. It’s also home to some amazing marine life making it perfect for snorkeling. We spent a few hours at the beach taking it all in before starting the hike back. We decided to try taking a scenic route along the coast instead of back along the fence. Definitely one of our better ideas. The coast is ocean cliffs of lava rock and the waves are huge. They crash into coves in the rock and some send water shooting up through blow holes. We heard the blow holes were good for making coconuts fly and decided to test out the theory but couldn’t get the timing of our throws synced with the waves. Myth busted.






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