Has it really been 3 weeks?!?!

Orientation is coming to an end. It’s hard to believe we’ve been on our tiny rock in the middle of the ocean for 3 weeks already, yet I feel like I’ve know the rest of the group for years. The end of orientation tomorrow means the end of our less than ideal accommodations here at VoTech. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great, but I’m looking forward to having a place to call home and a real bed. For the Tutuilla volunteers that happens Saturday morning. Those of us heading to Manu’a will have to crash on the floor in our fellow volunteers’ houses until after DoE orientation ends next week and they secure us a ride (boat or plane) to Ta’u. But in about 2 weeks Sasha, Matt, Chris, and I should be settling in on Ta’u.

That leads me to my next point – MAIL!! It’s a little tricky so here’s the run down. If you want to send me a LETTER my address is-

Jackie Rakers
Manu’a High School
Pago Pago, American Samoa

If you want to send a BOX/PACKAGE send it to-

Jackie Rakers
c/o Isaac Bradshaw
PO box 5411
Pago Pago, American Samoa

The best way to send boxes is using the FLAT RATE boxes from the Post Office. The same rates apply to send them here as in the US.  Make sure you write AIRMAIL on the box or it could get on a boat all the way to AmSam instead of a plane.

All of my mail will get to the main post office in Pago Pago. Letters will then be forwarded via the boat to the high school and I will pick them up from there. Boxes will also arrive in Pago Pago and go to the Field Director’s PO box. He will pick them up and put them on the boat to Ta’u for me. I’m not sure how long the whole process will take, but I know it can take several weeks and sometimes more. But I love getting mail so letters and such are always appreciated. I’ll even give you a special blog shout out when I get mail from you :)

One final note – since we are moving out of VoTech Saturday morning I probably won’t be online much for the next few weeks. The house we will be crashing in doesn’t have internet and since we aren’t teaching yet  we don’t have access from school. But you will be hearing from me again soon! Tofa for now!!

5 thoughts on “Has it really been 3 weeks?!?!

  1. Doubt ginger boys will be able to make that long trip but will try to send you a little package of something. Grandma XO

  2. Hey, you forgot to tell everyone that a flat rate box from the post office is the most economical way to send ‘stuff’…
    <3 :)

  3. Nice post…it’s going to be tough not hearing from you, but I know you’ll try if you can. Big / and lots of <3

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