Welcome to Manu’a

Sunday August 11th
The Manu’a HS crew has finally made it to Ta’u today! Sasha and I have moved into the cutest little beach house! We live in the house at the very end of Faleasao. We have 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a fairly large living/dining/kitchen area. In front of the house is a small fale and the ocean. The waves are literly crashing in my front yard and I can hear it from my bed. The mountain begins in our backyard and there are banana trees among many other things in the side yard. It really couldn’t get much better. And the village is just as adorable. Faleasao has a little over 100 residents and everyone seems very friendly. We are making friends with the village dogs already and hope to ‘adopt’ and outdoor dog soon. The island of Ta’u as a whole is very different from Tutuila. It’s almost an entirely different culture. Tutuila is remote but Ta’u takes remote to an extreme. The land here is still very untouched and there are so few people (about 800 total when everyone is on island I believe). Today was proably one of the hardest days since I left the states though. I finally felt remote. In Tutuila I knew I was on a small island but I never felt isolated. It is going to take some adjusting but I think I can get use to the very basic and relaxed life here. I miss the rest of the WorldTeach crew that are still on Tutuila but they will hopefully be heading out this way to spend Thanksgiving in the real paradise. I of course miss my family and friends so all your comments are greatly appreciated. But despite the isolation and adjustment I am still having the time of my life and wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. Did I mention that someone has spelled “Welcome to Paradise” with rocks on the edge of the cliff at the opposite end of Faleasoa by the wharf and that I can see it from my kitchen window? A constant reminder that I am lucky to see a place that so many people, even Samoans, never see. It was a long day of processing the fact that this will be my life for a year. With all the perks of island life comes a lot of challenges as well. But I have an awesome group of people here supporting me and an even bigger group back home so I’m confident that it will be a great year. I am off to bed now to get some sleep. It’s late and I have to be at the church at 6:30 in the morning to get a ride to school to prep for the year with the rest of the staff so that’s all for now. Tofa!

The view walking down the road towards my house

Welcome home

Fale to the left of our house. The beach is to the left of the fale.

Walking in the front door

The kitchen

The living room

The hallway – the bathroom is on the right, Sasha’s room is straight ahead, and my room is on the left

The bathroom

My room

My bedroom looking the other way

View out one of my bedroom windows

View out my second bedroom window

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Manu’a

  1. Fabulous home for the year!!! A bet the view really helps when you feel homesick. When I was homesick in college my view was of the stinky boys across in the other side of the dorm. :) I’m sure this year will have a lot of challenges but I think this is an awesome thing you are doing for yourself and your students!!!

  2. Jackie what a cute little house! So happy you like your new home. Enjoy and have a fun year teaching. Grandma and Grandpa

  3. I love your little house! Is the gazebo for anyone to use? I can see you sitting in the shade to read (or correct papers). What a pretty little home! :)

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