Starchy Cucumbers and Breakfast Crackers


This is a short post but I wanted to quickly share the adventure Sasha and I had last night. We needed an after school snack and don’t have much snacking food in the house so I grabbed our machete and off into the jungle we went. We made our own trail and searched for bananas in the jungle behind our house but unfortunately couldn’t find any ripe ones of the eating variety. We only came up with the second variety of ‘bananas’ that Sasha has accurately described as tasting like ‘starchy cucumbers’. Defeated we headed to the village store for an alternative snack and are now sitting at the house eating from the largest tin of breakfast crackers available which weigh in at 4 pounds 15 ounces ($11). They pair perfectly with peanut butter when we want to add a little excitement to our snacking. Cheese would be a great addition as well but sadly doesn’t exist in Manu’a. We splurged and also bought pepperoni Hot Pockets for dinner ($2.50 each). They will be paired with one of the many cans of vegetables we shipped over on the boat. Thrilling evening in the Faleasao WT house… But I wouldn’t have it any other way! Matt and Chris will be spending the weekend in our house and have promised to pay their weekend rent in the good kind of bananas from their village so the wait for fruit is almost over! And it will be nice to have the company too :)

In other news, our days have been spent cleaning (the school looks pretty good!) and lesson planning. I have 4 different classes to prep for, which includes submitting a week by week plan for what I am teaching all year. It’s a little overwhelming but helpful even though I know it will likely end up changing once I meet the kids and know their true levels (grade level doesn’t necessarily correlate to skill level like it does at home). I’m excited and nervous for school to start Monday! My first day as a teacher in my own classroom is finally almost here! We have also been playing with the kids in our village after school. They are adorable, but more on them later. I need to finish planning before the staff bbq begins!

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