Week 1 on Ta’u

Sunday August 18th
Week 1 events/accomplishments:
1.The house is clean and we are totally moved in. And the only real bug problem we have had was a few tarantula sized spiders in the bathroom the first 2 days and some ants invading any area of the house that smells even remotely like food. Even the kitchen sponge. Yuck….
2.My classroom is clean and colorful and ready for students tomorrow.
3.We successfully completed our first snorkeling adventure in our front yard thanks to Wes, our fearless neighbor (a WT volunteer from 2 years ago who has stayed on contract with his wife Cat). It was an overcast day so visibility wasn’t what we were hoping for but we still saw some cool fish and I spotted a small sea turtle.
4.Sasha and I are now friends with the neighbor children – Aiga, Talofa, Noah, Avi, and Makayla. When you look at the WT AmSam page there is a picture of two adorable boys looking up at the camera. They were part of what initially attracted me to the program and now one of them is my neighbor :)
5.We attended the church in Faleasao on Sunday and had a delicious lunch afterwards with our principal/landlord/ neighbor and her family. I am slowly getting use to the fact that Samoans eat everything with their hands. Even foods like rice, breadfruit, taro, a small whole fish, ham, and chicken are eaten with your hands. No need for a fork or knife. And they love meat.
6.Hiked up the mountain road to the village of Ta’u to buy bread from the only store that sells it- and it’s only sold once a week on Sunday afternoons for a few hours. But it is homemade and smells wonderful. We now have 2 loaves of cinnamon bread for breakfast and 1 loaf of white bread for lunch/dinner. And the whole process of buying bread only took 4 hours.
7.Hand washed more laundry and hung it to dry in our fale. At the same time I continued to win over the love of the puppy who lives on this side of the village with some cuddles and a drink of water. For now his name is Puppy since we don’t want to get too attached. Puppies unfortunately tend to die here (I’ve heard some awful stories) so we don’t want to name him just yet. But he is a chubby little guy who loves affection and will sometimes sleep on our porch, so we are holding out hope that he will make it.
8.Completed several small (300 and 500 piece) puzzles with Chris to build myself up to the 1000 piece puzzle my awesome brother gave me. I started tonight and it’s a hard one!
9.We had our first Saturday night game night with Wes, Jason and Diana (both WT volunteers from last year who have also stayed on contract). We played Mad Gab and after failing miserably my first round I caught on and am learning fast.
10.Since moving to Ta’u Sasha and I have been going to bed between 8 and 9 pm. There is really no reason to be up later here. I can only read and do puzzles for so many hours in a day. But Matt and Chris spent Friday night in Faleasao with me and Sasha and we were up until 11:30! Then we were up until 10:30 on Saturday after game night. Wild weekend in Faleasao… The guys did pay there weekend rent to us in fresh bananas though :)

Puppy walking down the village road

snorkeling at the village beach

2 thoughts on “Week 1 on Ta’u

  1. He IS a cute little puppy, and don’t even ask! I’m glad you’re doing well, having fun, and learning so much there. We do miss you but are so happy for you to have this experience and oportunity. All is well here- store bought bread and nobody to go to church with me! I LOVE you!

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