Island Tour

Here is a tour of Ta’u starting at the east end of the island in Fitiuta and following the only road west to Ta’u and Faleasao.

We will start our tour in Fitiuta at the airport

Fitiuta- the village on the East end of the island where the airport is located.

After you leave the airport there is a long stretch of road between Fitiuta and Ta’u with nothing but jungle and ocean.

Manu’a High School! The first place you come to when you enter upstairs Ta’u

If you continue down the mountain from the high school you come to the village of Ta’u. If you take a left you head to the end of the village where Matt and Chris live. If you take a right you go towards Faleasao. We will be taking a right…

The bread store! It is the only store on island that sells bread -it’s homemade and sold for only a few hours Sunday afternoon.

Next in Ta’u is the gas station. From what I’ve been told, the gas is stored in 50 gallon barrels inside and then siphoned into cars as it’s bought.

The clinic is one of the last buildings in Ta’u. Rumor has it an actual doctor just moved to island to work there a few weeks ago (the island was doctorless for awhile).

To leave Ta’u you have to head back up the hill. The top of the hill offers some great views of Faleasao, the next stop on our tour.

Welcome to Faleasao!

If you take a left you go to the warf and the ‘Welcome to Paradise’ beach at the West end of Faleasao. The dogs will likely folow you across the rocks to explore the beach.

Out on the rocks near the warf at the West end of Faleasao.

Out on the rocks near the warf at the West end of Faleasao.

Watching the sunset over Ofu and Olosege from the cliffs on the west end of Faleasao.

Leaving the warf you will see this sign as you head East to the rest of the village.

Walking East down the road in Faleasao.

The volleyball court is a popular hangout for the older kids. Sasha and I have watched and they are really good. They want us to join the game so we need to start practicing. Behind the court you can see the elementary school.

Next you come to the church in Faleasao where we attend service on Sunday morning.

No walk through the village is complete without telling the kids talofa and taking a few silly pictures.

Once you take a picture of the girls they will want to take your picture. It is easiest to just make silly faces and let it happen.

Leafa’s store is where we buy our occasional groceries. The store is the door on the right and her house is the door on the left. She is an amazing woman and takes great care of us.

Our house at the far East end of Faleasao where the road ends

If you find the trail in our front yard you can follow it for about 15-20 minutes to this cove. No Samoans go there so it’s the perfect place to wear an American swimsuit and relax.

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