Far Too Many Legs

Sunday evening was rather eventful in the WT house here in Faleasao. Sasha and I were craving cookies but the store with our favorites was closed, so we borrowed some baking soda and a recipe from Cat and whipped up a batch of delicious peanut butter cookies. For those of you interested, peanut butter is expensive here- like $6 for a small jar- so it’s a great care package idea ;). Afterwards we dropped off a plate of cookies with Cat and Wes before heading to Jason and Diana’s to play a few games. Around 11pm, which is way past our Samoan bedtime, we walked back home to get some sleep. Sabrina, one of my freshmen students and next door neighbor was sitting outside with a friend. We chatted briefly with them before heading inside. I grabbed my towel and headed in to take a shower only to find an unpleasant surprise on the bathroom wall. After closing the door and hanging my towel on the shower rod I turned around to see a spider at least 3 inches in diameter chilling by the bathroom door. I grabbed our spider killing broom, which is stored in the bathroom since it has the most spiders, and slowly opened the door while squealing for Sasha to grab our second broom and come quickly. We always tag team the tarantula killing. To minimize the chance of the spider escaping into our bedrooms Sasha though ahead and closed our bedroom doors – hers first and then mine. As she pulled my door shut a crab decided to demonstrate his ninja skills and come flying out of nowhere. We are still trying to figure out where it came from. Ninja crab may have scaled the wall and attacked from above. You never know around here. But at the sight of something large scurrying across the floor we both screamed. For all we knew it was the giant daddy tarantula seeking revenge on us for killing off the numerous baby tarantulas we have been finding. I sent Sasha to the kitchen for crab catching supplies (aka a pitcher and a large cooking spoon) while I kept an eye on the 2 unwelcome house guests. I successfully used the spoon to chase the crab into the pitcher and dumped it away from the house. Sasha and I then stood on the front stoop debating how we would go about killing the tarantula. Did we dare walk back through the bathroom door and put ourselves in the same enclosed space as the giant spider? Suddenly a genius idea struck- we asked Sabrina, who was sitting outside still, how she felt about spiders. Lucky for us she responded ‘Oh they are my friends!’ and came inside to help us out. I think the entire village had likely heard us scream earlier so she knew something was up. She grabbed the broom and headed into the bathroom. She took a big swing at the spider but he quickly scurried under Sasha’s closed bedroom door. Sabrina followed him in, cornered him, and beat him with the broom until all of his legs were separated from his body and sprawled across the floor. Sasha and I provided moral support from a safe distance. We then rewarded Sabrina with some peanut butter cookies. On her way out the door she turned back and said “By the way, you know this house has rats, right?”. Great…. But Sabrina offered to come back and kill things anytime. And spider killing is good for some serious brownie points with the palagi teachers. It’s now Tuesday morning and I am sitting in my classroom recovering once again. A huge black bettle about 4 inches long just went scurrying across my floor and stopped near the door. Lucky for me one of my sophomores was sitting outside my room with his friends and I recruited him to get the bettle out. If you don’t hear from again soon you can assume the creatures with an abnormal number of appendages got me…

4 thoughts on “Far Too Many Legs

  1. Be brave Jackie. Don’t let those critters get you! Care package on it the way so you will have some peanut butter!! Grandma

  2. Maybe you can glue a flip-flop to a stick to squash those spiders! I hope there are NO rats!! Sleep with an eye open!! Love you and miss you!!

  3. Whew! At least you have a murderous neighbor to handle the intruders! We got the peanut butter hint, too… I wonder how many jars of peanut butter you will get now!?

    PS – since rats have fewer legs, are they welcome? Hey what’s that on your head?

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