Pep Rally

Assembly day summary: I saw an Inuit break dance, saw a kid throw down in a dance battle with a cast on his broken leg, and, myself, danced to gangnam style while wearing a handmade lei of fresh flowers. Days don’t get much better than today.

The day started out with a welcome back pep rally. Each class prepared a cheer/dance to perform. Every day the kids spent their 20 minute mid-morning break practicing. My Juniors (I’m one of their class advisors) would cram into Joe’s classroom and scream at the top of their lung while the boys pounded on the desks they were using as drums. Later lunch was eaten quickly all week so they could use the remaining time to practice once again. These kids are LOUD but incredibly talented. Rhythm comes naturally and I haven’t met one yet who can’t sing. Pep rallies here are so much better than in the states.

Performance time came first thing this morning. During the beginning of the assembly the staff was introduced and given amazing handmade leis. The smell coming off of a real lei is glorious. During the introduction the new staff, mostly palagi, was told we would be dancing for the students. Gangam Style was played and we all made fools of ourselves dancing until a few Samoan boys came up and saved us by beginning a dance battle. One even has a cast on his broken leg but still danced way better than any of us. We were finally allowed to sit back down and the students took over the performances. I’m a junior class advisor so maybe I’m a little biased, but they did an amazing job with their song/dance for preparing in only 3 days. The other classes did equally as well. The freshmen dance included one of my cutest students, who is Inuit and just moved here from Alaska, break dancing. The seniors were hilarious and pulled a really funny performance together. I recorded them all, but the internet unfortunately isn’t good enough for me to be able to upload videos.

After the assembly we had an all school clean-up. In response to the schools being temporarily shut down for failing Department of Health inspections a few weeks ago, the Department of Education is now requiring students and staff to clean the schools once a week. The students picked up trash, raked, and weeded before finally reporting to class. I had my students in all 5 of my classes take their weekly vocabulary quiz and we used the remaining time to have some fun. There were so hyped up that I knew better than to try to use the remaining 10 minutes for anything educational. I know have some cute photos and videos courtesy of the kids.

Lets rewind a little – The staff and kids were all a little restless this morning with the upcoming activities. Cat, the other English teacher, came over and told me she had a video to show me in her classroom. I headed over to find her introducing the kids to Rebecca Black’s Friday song. They had never seen it before but LOVED it. Even the huge senior boys were dancing along. They then asked who she was. Cat informed them that her name was Rebecca and that she was my sister. I of course played along. A few kids stopped by my room later to tell me how much they like my sister’s song. Priceless. Unfortunately that also means I have the song stuck in my head. They may also think that the skeleton in Sasha’s science room is her brother who once misbehaved in Russia (where she is originally from). It’s just too funny to mess with them. But it’s all in good fun. They dish it right back us :)

My handmade lei

Juniors (green) before the pep rally

Sophomore and Juniors

Freshmen (purple), Sophomores (yellow), Juniors (green), and Seniors (white) in the gym

With my senior boys

One of my sophomore classes

Juniors during all school clean-up

With the juniors

My freshmen class

4 thoughts on “Pep Rally

  1. You are living a lifestyle that thrives under a different sky entirely.
    Hey, you ditched the cool skirt for blue jeans it seems? Ah, my daring niece.
    I can feel your enthusiasm for the ceremonies and celebrations. It is catchy.
    Love you and think of you often. Stay strong. XO Aunt Cherri

  2. Every day there seems great! What a wonderful experience!! This must have been what you were typing when we talked. Have a GREAT weekend. I love you!

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