1 in 1000 – Baby Sea Turtle

Yesterday after school I headed out to our fale to spend some time reading in my hammock, which only lasted about 5 minutes before Talofa, Avi, and Michella found me. Next thing I knew the hammock had me, 2 Samoan kids, and the world’s cutest baby in it. They picked some Samoan music to listen to and did puzzles on my iPad for 45 minutes or so before Falyn, Avi and Michaela’s middle school sister, came to take Michaela home. No more than 2 minutes later she came running back shouting about a baby turtle she had found. Talofa, Avi, and I followed her to our next door neighbor Patiasa’s house where they were filling a cracker bin with salt water for the BRAND NEW BABY SEA TURTLE that Patiasa was holding. Falyn had stumbled upon the little guy in a sand pile by the side of the road as she was walking Michaela home. We took turns holding the baby turtle and took plenty of pictures before taking it down to the beach and setting it free. Watching the little guy make his way into the water and out to sea was easily one of the coolest moments of my life. We sent plenty of positive vibes his way as he fought the waves so that he will hopefully be the 1 in 1000 that typically make it to adulthood.

Patiasa holding the baby turtle
baby turtle

Taking my turn holding the baby
baby turtle 1

Swimming in the cracker tub
baby turtle 2

Patiasa and Michaela
baby turtle 3

Patiasa, Michaela, and Talofa
baby turtle 4

Setting the baby free on the beach
baby turtle 5

On his way into the water
baby turtle 6

On his way into the water
baby turtle 7

4 thoughts on “1 in 1000 – Baby Sea Turtle

  1. That’s awesome! What a lifetime experience!! I hope he makes it and there are 2 out of 1000 now!! I bet you wanted (and thought about) to keep it as a pet! I also like your hammock…it looks comfy for EVERYONE!

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