If someone tells you to jump off a bridge, do you do it?

I spent the weekend in Ofu, and this time it was on purpose.

My first trip to Ofu and Olosega was an accident. We took the MV Sili from Tutuila to Ta’u after Christmas break, but due to rough seas that would prevent the boat from getting into the Faleasao wharf, we made a pit stop in Ofu for the night to wait for calmer seas.

This time the trip was intentional. We have actually tried to get to Ofu every long weekend this school year, but it hadn’t worked out until now. Usually there wasn’t enough gas on island for the trip to be possible or the weather was not cooperating. It figures that there is good weather and gas the weekend I am sick. But I’m glad I went because this is what was waiting for me:

1. Unique transportation – We took a fun ride on an alia boat and got to see some amazing views of Manu’a.

Leaving Ta’u

Ofu is to the left of his head and Olosega is to the right

Landing in Olosega

The alia boat

2. The Vaoto Lodge – The 4 of us shared a room and Ben, the man currently running the lodge, cooked amazing food for us. There was bread. And cheese. And broccoli. And lettuce.


3.Runway Shenanigans – There is currently no air service to Ofu, so the runway is used only as a road.


4.Great Views – When I post pictures of sunset from our house Ofu and Olosega are always in the distance. From the lodge we could see Faleasao and the high school. It was cool to get a different perspective of home.

<a 2-14-14

The furthest island you can see is Ta’u

5.Ofu Beach – ranked as one of the top 10 undiscovered beaches in the world. And I understand why. It’s gorgeous. And the snorkeling was amazing. Sadly, our mermaid photo shoot pictures won’t upload, so use your imagination…

Ofu 1










6. And finally, the answer to the bridge question – Of course! The bridge that connects Ofu and Olosega is great for jumping from! I’m proud to say all 4 WorldTeach Manu’a volunteers successfully made the jump :)




6 thoughts on “If someone tells you to jump off a bridge, do you do it?

  1. omG!!!! What a beautiful beach. And it turns out there is much to be said for broccoli and lettuce, huh, my darling bridge jumping niece? You are gutsy, smart and adorable in mid air.

  2. Great blog post and update to your amazing adventures! Jumping off a bridge…hmm. It’s funny that getting bread, lettuce, and broccoli excites you!
    Love you tons!!

    PS- I hope you get your mailed boxes soon. :)

  3. So, you’ll jump off a bridge if someone tells you too, but I can’t get you to wash dishes…..
    Glad it was a fun weekend! And a six legged starfish!

  4. Good post and pictures! Sounds like a fun weekend. That starfish is awesome. And I can’t believe you jumped off a bridge!!!

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