Samoan Day

Friday was Samoan Day at Manu’a High School. The students practiced for nearly 2 months to prepare performances for the big day. Classes were cancelled and the community was invited to campus to witness the events. Each class took turns performing songs, dances, and traditional attire. Despite the fact that I was required to siva in front of the audience for the junior class (I’m one of their advisors), it was a great day and it was nice to see the students so proud to showcase their culture. I put a lot of pictures up on Facebook, but for those of you haven’t seen them I uploaded a few here as well.

My junior boys

Freshman class performance

Charlie in his traditional attire for the junior class

Hope in her traditional attire for the junior class

My junior girls

Junior performance

Dancing for the junior class

Senior class performance

The junior class. They are crazy, but some of my favorites as well :)

The super sweet freshmen

If Samoan Day wasn’t exhausting enough, there was a siva in Faleasao Friday night to raise money for the women’s group at church. Despite plans to leave early, Sasha and I ended up staying until the end. This was a smaller siva than the last, which meant slightly less awkward dances with students who wouldn’t remember it in the morning. We spent most of our time with the little kids who made us boats out of empty soda cans and taught us some new dance moves. As we were walking away we heard our names being yelled. We turned around toe see some of the women coming with 2 leftover cakes and a case of soda for us as a Mother’s Day gift. We now have enough delicious vanilla cake to last us until we leave Samoa, and we aren’t even really mothers!

In only 25 days my seniors will be high school graduates and moving on to the next stages of their lives. And in 34 days I will be in Chicago. I’m still not sure how I feel about that. I can’t wait to be home with family and friends, but I sure will miss this place…

samoa <3

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